Monday, June 28, 2010

IBM_DB2 1.8.4 extension for PHP released

Version 1.8.4 of the ibm_db2 extension for PHP has been released. Changes include:
  • Adding support for query time out.
  • Fixing problem with DATE/TIME datatype.
  • i5/OS Add new attribute DB2_I5_JOB_SORT_ON/OFF (php.ini ibm_db2.i5_job_sort).
  • i5/OS Fix BIGINT string type to help with larger values.
  • i5/OS Fix "early" terminate fetch loops due to CLOB/BLOB zero length.
  • i5/OS Fix db2_pclose() to allow reset persistent connections.

On Windows, you should go to the DB2 Technology Explorer download site and grab a build of the extension that matches your PHP 5.3 installation. Unfortunately, PHP on Windows is available in four different official flavours, so you need a build of the extension that matches your flavour in terms of VC6 versus VC9 and threadsafe versus non-threadsafe (nts).

On Linux, you should make sure you have pecl installed in your package manager and then run:
pecl install ibm_db2

You'll need gcc along with DB2 headers for this. If you do not have a local copy of DB2, you can install the IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC and CLI intead.


Leons Petrazickis
DB2 Express-C Community Team


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I am trying to use & learn PHP with DB2 9.5.2 on Mac OS X. I cannot find a good tutorial for this, would you able to point me to a good post?


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