About DB2

DB2 Express-C is the free edition of the IBM DB2 database server for Linux, Unix, and Windows. It's free for deployment and redistribution with your applications. It is a fast, secure, reliable, and scalable data server, great for startups and small/medium sized businesses

DB2 enables developers to easily handle XML and relational data. Whether you develop in Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, Perl or any other programming language, DB2 can be your technological advantage.

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No data limits

DB2 Express-C shares the same code as the other commercial editions, and it has a generous license that doesn't impose size limits on your database. This means that on your server it can take advantage of:
  • Up to 2 Cores (1 CPU)
  • Up to 16 GB of RAM
  • No database size limits
  • No connection limits
  • No user limits or any other limits