Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Български - Getting Started with DB2 Express-C

The Bulgarian translation of the Getting Started with DB2 Express-C book series is now available:
Books in the Getting Started series have been downloaded over 80,000 times. The DB2 book is now available in English, Japanese, Bulgarian, Chinese, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

If you are interested in helping to translate the book into your language, please drop us a line at db2x @ ca.ibm.com


Leons Petrazickis
DB2 Express-C Community Team


    Bozhidar Batsov said...

    I wasn't expecting to see a Bulgarian edition - that's a great news! I don't really need one, but I hope that it will help increase the popularity of the excellent DB2 Express-C in my beloved homeland.

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