Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Webinar: Using IBM DB2 on Amazon EC2 cloud

There's an upcoming web seminar on using IBM DB2 on Amazon EC2. EC2 is a cloud offering from Amazon that lets you host any software on a virtual machine on the public internet.

IBM DB2 - Using the most flexible enterprise-class database on Amazon EC2
Date: 2009-Oct-1
Time: 12:00 EDT, 17:00 London
Length: 1 hour
Speakers: Mark Wilding, Leon Katsnelson

IBM DB2 database software running on Amazon EC2 lets you get the most out of today's tough economic climate that is charaterized by reduced budgets and freezes on capital expenditure. IBM and AWS provide a lot of flexibility for cloud computing, including free DB2 AMIs, low cost by-the-hour production-ready DB2 AMIs, and the ability to bring your existing DB2 licenses to the cloud. With robust capabilities for the most demanding workloads, and tons of autonomic features, DB2 is ideally suited for cloud environments.

Join us to learn how to quickly develop and deploy new and existing applications using DB2 and Amazon EC2. This session will walk you through the DB2 AMIs and highlight some of the unique capabilities in DB2, including the new features in DB2 9.7 that make it much easier to move applications from Oracle to DB2.

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This is part of a whole day of sessions that cover Amazon Web Services, Informix, DB2, WebSphere, Lotus, and other topics.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Burn DVDs of DB2 Express-C

The DB2 9.7 Discovery Kit is now out. It includes the free DB2 Express-C database server, the free Data Studio administrative tool, and a number of other tools and accessories. The kit is available in ISO format, which is a DVD data image that can be written to disk by most DVD burners: If you are simply looking to deploy DB2 Express-C or Data Studio on your machine, you can quickly download them here: Cheers,

Leons Petrazickis
DB2 Express-C Community Team