Get started

After you've downloaded DB2, there's a wealth of resources to help get you started.

Free videos

There is a series of 17 video lessons that provides an introductory overview of DB2 tools, security, backup, and application development.

Free books

Get Started with DB2 Express-C
  • Understand DB2® architecture, tools, security
  • Learn how to administer DB2 databases
  • Write SQL, XQuery, stored procedures
  • Develop database applications for DB2
  • Practice using hands-on exercises
Get Started with Data Studio
  • Learn everyday data management tasks
  • Back up and recover DB2 databases
  • Write and debug SQL stored procedures
  • Convert existing stored procedures to web services
  • Practice using hands-on exercises
Get Started with DB2 Application Development
  • Write SQL, XQuery, and understand pureXML®
  • Learn how to develop DB2 stored procedures and web services
  • Work with Java, C, C++, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, and Python
  • Practice using hands-on exercises

The DB2 Information Center is available both as an online reference and as a free download.