Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DB2 Express-C for Amazon EC2 updated with new interface

Juice DB reports that the DB2 Express-C Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) have been updated to 9.7.2. In addition to running the latest release of DB2 Express-C, they now include a simple web interface for the initial configuration in place of the older console-based approach.

Run these AMIs through Amazon DevPay:
DB2 Express-C is a free product. There are no license fees, but you do have to pay Amazon for its hosting.

Once subscribed, you can launch them with the AMI ids below.

US Region:
32-bit ami-1b30db72 ec2-dev-ibm-images/ibm-db2-express-c-9.7.2-32-bit.manifest.xml
64-bit ami-1930db70 ec2-dev-ibm-images/ibm-db2-express-c-9.7.2-64-bit.manifest.xml

AP Region:
32-bit ami-97c7b8c5 ec2-dev-ibm-images-ap/ibm-db2-express-c-9.7.2-32-bit.manifest.xml
64-bit ami-7bc6b929 ec2-dev-ibm-images-ap/ibm-db2-express-c-9.7.2-64-bit.manifest.xml


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