Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Open beta for Visual Studio 2010 support in DB2

Update: The beta is now at the DB2 V9.7 FP3a level. Check the forum link for the latest instructions.

An open beta has come out of the IBM Data Server .NET provider for .NET Framework 4.0 as well as DB2 Add-ins for Visual Studio 2010. This beta level package requires a DB2 [9.7 FP3a] client install, and has the following features:
  • DB2 .NET provider for connectivity to DB2 LUW, IDS, DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for IBM i
  • DB2 Connect license required for z/OS and IBM i
  • Entity Framework provider
  • Entity Framework support for database first scenarios
  • Entity Framework canonical function support
  • Full filtering of Add Connection properties when use with Entity Framework Designer
  • Visual Studio 2010 Add-ins
  • Full Server Explorer filtering support
  • Windows, Web and WPF application development scenarios with full drag and drop
  • Designer support for SQL Procedures with syntax highlighting
  • Full end to end debugging for SQL procedures for VB and C# apps
  • Schema evolution support for common developer focused tasks
  • Create database, create / modify table, view and change data
Please note that two important prerequisites for this beta:
  1. This beta only supports the [V9.7 FP3a] level of our client packages. It will not work with any earlier client package, and should there be a newer client package, this specific beta will not work with that client package.
  2. In addition, the ability to set breakpoints within a stored procedure debugging session requires a Visual Studio 2010 hotfix from Microsoft.
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    Leons Petrazickis
    DB2 Community Team


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