Monday, March 24, 2008

DB2 Express-C and Canonical team up for a new offering!

I don't know how this slipped through the blog cracks, but this announcement should definitely have popped up here:

We're proud to bring you some exciting news about something new from DB2 Express-C, Ubuntu & Canonical.

We've teamed up to bring you a solution that provides:

* a very simple way for Ubuntu users to install & setup DB2 Express-C from the Ubuntu repositories for free
* a great deal on support & additional features for DB2 Express-C
* an easy-to-embed database ideal for redistribution, partners, etc

The press is already talking about it:

Ubuntu 7.10 users can try it out today, and everyone can read more about it at

And you can get the great deal on support + more features at the Canonical web store:

One of our valued community members has already posted some how-to information here.

And one of the many blog posts about this offering can be found here (feel free to post others that you find).

Thanks to all the people that teamed up to make this happen.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Solaris 10 beta released!

This month's release of the DB2 Express-C 9.5 beta for 64-bit Solaris 10 ('x64') is another milestone accomplishment in the lifecycle of DB2 Express-C.

For the first time, we have ported Express-C to a platform outside of the Windows/Linux arena. The goal of this beta port is to widen the scope of Express-C and provide a means for industry customers with Sun installations to evaluate and develop on DB2 for free.

Check it out here: DB2 Express-C for Solaris 10 (beta)

As always, sound off on the DB2 Express-C forum about your experiences, problems, or feedback.