Saturday, May 12, 2007

DB2 on Campus: Thank you IBM volunteers!

Reaching thousands of students and visiting hundreds of universities worldwide would be an impossible task for the DB2 Express-C team alone. Thanks to several IBM volunteers the reach of the program has grown considerably. For example, in Vietnam Nguyen Khiem (IBM Software Group Vietnam) has delivered the speech "The role of DB2 Express-C in the information on demand world" in four universities reaching more than 400 students. The picture in this blog is of him delivering this speech.

Another example is Andrea Cristina Rodacki (IBM Brazil). She has been able to reach at least 300 students in Curitiba, Brazil, and has delivered courses for post graduate students about DB2.

Hiromiti Nakagawa, also from IBM Brazil continuously provides support for the program, and is coordinating a big event in Brazil this June to reach 600 students.

In Korea, Cheol Kang has done an incredible job to deliver DB2 classes using the DB2 on Campus materials to 5 univerities reaching more than 700 students.

In Malaysia, Allan Tham will start delivering many DB2 on Campus events once students go back to school in July.

In Mexico, Miguel Angel Garcia Trujillo is doing a terrific job of keeping students motivated and helping the three active (very active!) DB2 user groups created recently. Students in these groups are replicating themselves the program.

In Thailand, Sunicha Eckachai has been able to keep the momentum going of my visit las year. Eight academic institutions in that country will be delivering DB2 classes this year.

Thank you very much to all of these IBM volunteers!