Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New DB2 Express-C 9.5 downloads are now available!

DB2 Express-C 9.5 (formerly known as Viper2) is now available!

This is the next major release of DB2 and delivers new functionality as well as significant improvements from DB2 9.1.

You can download the new DB2 Express-C 9.5 images for free from the following links:

DB2 Express-C data server for Linux

DB2 Express-C data server for Windows

IBM Data Studio (new development and administration tooling for DB2 9.5)

DB2 9.5 Information Center online

DB2 9.5 Information Center local install image

DB2 9.5 Net Search Extender

DB2 9.5 National Language Package

DB2 9.5 Spatial Extender

If you are looking for more information to help you get started with DB2 9.5, here are some links to get you started:

Home page for DB2 9.5 Information Center

Get started doc in DB2 9.5 Information Center

And of course, we invite you to download DB2 Express-C 9.5 for free, try it out, and post your questions, comments, feedback, usage experience, etc. in the DB2 Express-C forum.

The DB2 Express-C download page will be updated in the next 2 days as we replace the DB2 9.1 downloads with the DB2 9.5 downloads, but you can access all the links in this post now to get the latest and greatest DB2 downloads.