Sunday, January 21, 2007

DB2 Express-C University Program

Last May I visited several Brazilian universities delivering speeches about DB2 Express-C. The feedback I received was excellent!. This convinced me to start a project I called the "DB2 Express-C University Program". I've been running this program worldwide since June 2006. By December 2006 I had reached almost 8000 students and teachers!. The program is self-sustainable through its "child" program called "The DB2 Student Ambassador program". You can read more about these programs at our DB2 Express-C Web site . I have posted several pictures of the 2006 University Tour at this site.

For 2007, I will be visiting Argentina in February, Japan in March, and China in April. I'm still working out the schedule for other universities worldwide throughout the year. I plan to blog after each visit to a country/city.

Cheers, Raul.