You can easily upgrade from DB2 Express-C to DB2 Express Fixed Term License.

Getting the 12 month subscription to DB2 Express FTL gets you IBM's official 24x7 support, DB2 fixpacks, High Availability and Disaster Recovery clustering, SQL replication, backup compression, and access to older DB2 releases through IBM Passport Advantage.

The DB2 Express FTL license also includes Optim Development Studio and Optim Database Administrator. These tools increase development efficiency by 50% for Java data access, help pin-point query bottlenecks, automate data migration with object dependencies, and provide a full range of  functionality for database administration and development.

High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) provides a means for to shift database processing to a standby system in case of a primary system failure. Find out more in the HADR whitepaper (pdf).

Backup compression is an effective way to reduce storage costs in cloud computing and similar environments. When you renting storage on Amazon S3, a significant reduction in storage required for backups saves you money.

SQL replication lets you automate the movement of data from your production database for reporting, analysis, and warehousing.

DB2 Express FTL gets you double the database performance by taking advantage of twice as many cores and twice as much RAM as DB2 Express-C.

24x7 IBM Support gives you peace of mind should anything ever go wrong.

DB2 Express Fixed Term License (FTL) is the natural step up from the free DB2 Express-C. The price for it is set at $2150, about half the price of comparable competitor offerings.

Comparing the free edition with Paid Subscription
 DB2 Express-C  DB2 Express FTL
Core DB2 capabilities
Yes Yes
Free admin tools
Yes Yes
Free development tools
Yes Yes
Autonomic capabilities
Yes Yes
pureXML™ feature
Yes Yes
No-charge community-based assistance
Yes Yes
Max. processor cores in use
2 4 over 2 sockets
Max. memory use
Official IBM 24x7 support

Fix packs

High Availability (HADR)

Data replication

Backup compression

Row and Column Access Control (RCAC)

Label Based Access Control (LBAC)

Access to previous versions

Price per server per year
$0 US $2,150

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