Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Coming soon!: The DB2 on Campus Exam

For many students, it is important to receive a certificate after attending a course, speech or event. With this in mind,we are working on a DB2 on Campus exam, where students can obtain a DB2 on Campus certificate after passing the exam. To prepare for the exam, students can attend one of the workshops offered as part of the DB2 on Campus program; they can also read a free online DB2 Express-C book (coming soon!). With this completion certificate, students will feel more confident to add "DB2" in their resumes.

In addition, a system is being developed to deliver this exam. The project name is OSOTS (Open Source Online Testing System), and has been approved as an open source project in Soureforge.net. Members of the DB2 community (from Argentina and Brazil) are working on the analysis and design phase, and we expect their design to be completed by October. The design will then be made available to anyone interested in developing the system. Some will develop it on PHP, others in Java, others in .NET, and so on. Once the system is developed it would be used as well to showcase a DB2 application!. In addition, the students and teachers participating in this project will be invited to write articles about the system and the different implementations. To participate in this (an other) projects, sign up to facebook.com, and take a look at this entry:


The DB2 Express-C team will be feeding the system with questions, but in the future, this project may be extended so the system generates the questions by itself... but let's do this one step at a time!

Cheers! Raul.

DB2 on Campus update: Facebook.com & Latin american tour

After a few weeks of vacation, I'm back with an update aboutDB2 Express-C and the DB2 on Campus program. First of all, if you have not seen it, check out how DB2 Express-C saves the world!:


We have also started a few months ago an online community for the DB2 on Campus program using facebook.com. Facebook.com is a social network popular amongst many universities worldwide. If you would like to join, follow these instructions:


Through facebook.com I'm keeping the DB2 on Campus community informed about news and events. Students and teachers from each of the universities visited are invited to join. As of today there are 165 members who have signed up. Through facebook.com, I've posted a few projects where members can contribute on a voluntary basis. The most important one of these projects is the Online Exam System. I will post more information about it on a separate blog.

I also started in July a Latin American university tour reaching approximately 1200 students in 5 countries: Mexico, Peru,Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

In Mexico, I'm glad to report a good number of the students who are members of the DB2 user groups at UNITEC and UNAM passed their DB2 Certification Exam 730!. More information can be found here:

In Peru I delivered a speech about DB2 at the IEEE Intercon 2007 conference in the city of Piura and provided a DB2 workshop. I also served as judge for one of their project competitions. In Lima I visited the University of Lima where students from several universities in Peru gathered to know more about DB2. I was pleased to hear after the speech and courses, that many students were motivated about trying out the product, and it is likely I will return for a course and other speeches early in December. The day of my speech at the Universityof Lima, a 7.9 earthquake hit several cities in Peru, and lasted more than 2 minutes. This was a very frightening experience, especially because it lasted for a very long time. I was told there were actually two or three big earthquakes one after the other, and that is why it looked like a never ending earthquake. Fortunately, the speech was over by the time the earthquake happened. The following days, there were many aftershocks of smaller magnitude. Two days after the earthquake, I travelled to several cities/universities in Brazil: Curitiba, Sao Carlos, Rio Claro, Campinas. It was a hectic tour with several speeches/courses per day and travel by car to the different cities. Overall it was a good Latin American tour, and I hope it repeats in the future.

Cheers, Raul.

P.S: I will be posting most of the university tour pictures in facebook.com