Friday, April 20, 2007

DB2 on Campus program in Malaysia

From April 16th, 2007 until the 20th I had the chance to visit several universities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia is a very beautiful country with many trees and excelent infrastructure. Two university DB2 User Groups were set up during my visit. One at MMU, and the other one at the University Technical Malaysia Malacca (UTeM). At UTeM, Lang Ley, the first DB2 Student Ambassador in Malaysia will promote the DB2 on Campus program to not only her university, but other universities. I will be featuring Lang Ley in the DB2 Express-C Web site in a couple of weeks as she has also developed a useful application using PHP and DB2 Express-C. The picture is from my speech at MMU with about 100+ student attending.


DB2 on Campus program in China

Last Friday I finished my first tour in China for year 2007. This time I visited 10 universities in 8 cities reaching approximately 1000 students and teachers. China is a large and great country. I am always amazed every time I visit its universities; most of them include a hospital, a hotel, many restaurants, and of course many classrooms and labs. I believe the smallest university I visited had 20,000 students, and the largest 60,000!. In China I normally get large attendance to my speeches and courses. The largest one was 300+ students at SCUT. University infrastructure in China is just as amazing as the desire for Chinese students to learn more and improve themselves. China is where my grandparents came from, but unfortunately, I don't speak Chinese, so I'm always in trouble when dealing with the locals (eg: Ordering at a restaurant). Closing my eyes and pointing to the menu has served me well so far =). As part of the DB2 on Campus program for the rest of the year, local IBMers may be able to replicate the program. I'm also hoping DB2 User Groups start flourishing. Some universities such as Xi'an JiaoTong University, Wuhan university of technology, and Jilin university are working to set up their DB2 User groups and Web sites. I hope to collect their URLs soon and post them in the DB2 Express-C web site.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007 + more DB2 Express-C news

We're happy to announce that is now live on the web! is a blog aggregrator which takes all the DB2 related blogs (that we know about!) and displays them in one place and also provides a feed for you to sign up to get all the latest DB2 related blogs. is not just for IBMers, anyone that blogs regularly about DB2 is welcome to join, just email us at join [at] !

We also have a lot of exciting news in the pipeline ... I can't give you all the details yet, but stay tuned to this blog at also our DB2 Express-C home page for all the latest updates. We have a new DB2 Express-C update coming soon, but that's definitely not all!

We'd also love to hear from you if you are using DB2 Express-C and have a success story to share with us. Let us know how you found out about DB2 Express-C, how you are using it, and how it's made a difference for you. If you used DB2 Express-C with an application you are building, let us know! Or maybe you learned DB2 using a free copy of DB2 Express-C and managed to land a great job ... or perhaps you impressed your boss by moving to a world class database without costing the company any money ... whatever the success story, we'd love to hear it.

You can post your success stories on the DB2 Express-C forum, or send them via email to db2x [at]

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