Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Create a free site on Radiant CMS and DB2

Antonio just put up a a great tutorial for creating a free website using Radiant CMS and DB2 on Amazon.

A great thing about this configuration is that it uses an Amazon micro instance, and Amazon lets new customers try out micro instances for free for a year. I talk a lot about free cloud offers, but usually I mean that our software is free while you are still paying someone for the hardware. In this case, the hardware is free too.

Radiant is a content management system (CMS). Other popular CMS software includes Drupal and Joomla, with blogging tools like Wordpress increasingly gaining CMS-like features.

In my experience, the hardest part of running a website is maintenance. Keeping the content up to date while posting new things can be a challenge. A CMS like Radiant makes this a lot easier by separating your content from the site's structure and appearance, so one doesn't distract you from the other. From the point of view of a site owner, a CMS-drived website really is far superior to the traditional hand-rolled websites of yesteryear.

What's this got to do with the glory of the free DB2 Express-C database? Well, that's where your content gets stored.

So, I dare you -- launch a site on Radiant CMS and DB2 today.


Leons Petrazickis
DB2 Community Team


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