Monday, April 30, 2012

Download free DB2 Express-C 10.1 database with NoSQL, RDF, and Time Travel Query

A major new release of the free edition of the IBM DB2 database is now available for download. DB2 Express-C 10.1 comes with Time Travel Query for improved historical reporting as well as SPARQL and an RDF triplestore for NoSQL data storage.

At no charge, DB2 Express-C is also 98% compatible with Oracle Database. The database compatibility feature includes support for PL/SQL, CLP+, and much more.  Use it for production, test, or development.

You can redistribute DB2 Express-C at no charge as the database solution for your application. Though it will limit itself to only consuming a set amount of your computing resources, DB2 Express-C has no limitations on database size, number of users, or your preferred uses.

This is a great opportunity to learn databases, learn SQL, or learn DB2.

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