Tuesday, December 19, 2006

DB2 Express-C 9 for MS Windows Vista is here!

The wait is over, you can now download DB2 Express-C 9 for MS Windows Vista for free! It is available on our DB2 Express-C download page, or if you would prefer here is the direct download link.

As always feel free to leave us a comment here, or in our DB2 Express-C forum, or you can head on over to our friend Antonio Cangiano's blog to see what people are saying about DB2 Express-C on Vista over there.

Ryan Chase
DB2 Express-C team


  1. Why did you bother? I've been trying for days to install the #@$#@#@ thing in vista bussness unsuccesefuly. There is yet not support on the web stating exactly my problems. I installed it 7 times and it failed in 7 diferent ways. Check the web, install again and so on...SO AGIN WHY DID YOU BOTHER? Don't we have enough of the DB2 already??????

  2. Hi idg,

    The best way to recover after an unsuccesful install is to:

    1. Run db2unins -f in the command line from the installer folder to clear away any inconsistencies:

    2. Run the install again. On Vista, you have to make sure to right-click and choose "Run as Administrator" to ensure the install succeeds.

    If you have any further issues, the DB2 Express-C forum can help:


    Leons Petrazickis
    DB2 Express-C team


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