Monday, June 17, 2013

Download DB2 Express-C 10.5

DB2 Express-C 10.5 is now available for download. Express-C is the free edition of the DB2 database.

Unlike the competitor express offerings, DB2 Express-C does not impose any limit on the size of database. The new DB2 Express-C 10.5 release also relaxes its memory restriction by 400%. It will now use up to 16GB of memory.

DB2 Express-C can handle database of any size, it can be used in production, and it can be redistributed with your applications.

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  1. I have installed DB2 Express-C 10.5 but could not find Control Center menu. How do I launch DB2 application then?

    1. @flubet: Control Center was discontinued in DB2 10. You're advised to use Data Studio Administration Console, which is a separate download. Alternately, you can use DB2 in command line mode by launching DB2 Command Window.


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