Thursday, May 10, 2012

Learn and administer DB2 with Technology Explorer 4.2

Coming on the heels of DB2 Express-C 10.1 is Technology Explorer 4.2.

The Technology Explorer (TE) is a light weight, web based console for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows. The Technology Explorer strives to be a teaching tool for all users of DB2. Whether you're just starting to use DB2, or have been for years, there are tutorials for you around many aspects of DB2. Part of what makes the TE such a great teaching tool is that it doesn't just explain to you how a system should act, the Technology Explorer shows you, using your database!

The TE has a large number of views that show you how your database is actually behaving. All of the views the TE uses to teach you about DB2 can be used individually, making the TE a very powerful monitoring tool as well.

New features in Technology Explorer 4.2
  • The new Data Generator (DG) can be used to create large sets of data that mimic a customer's actual data. The DG can be used in tutorials and demos where a large volume of data is necessary to show performance.
  • New 10.1 tutorials and feature demonstrations
    • Adaptive Compression
    • Custom Analytics
    • Jump Scan
    • Multi-Temperature Storage
    • pureXML Enchancements
    • Range Partitioning
    • Row and Column Access Control
    • Star Schema Query Optimization
    • Text Search Enhancements
    • Time Travel Query
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  1. I downloaded and installed this application. But i am not able to connect to a database. I am getting the following error

    "An error has occurred: [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL10007N Message "0" could not be retrieved. Reason code: "3". SQLCODE=-1390"

    Can anyone suggest a solution for this?

    1. @Srivatha: Please try asking the question at the DB2 Express-C forum or on StackOverflow.