Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Coming soon!: The DB2 on Campus Exam

For many students, it is important to receive a certificate after attending a course, speech or event. With this in mind,we are working on a DB2 on Campus exam, where students can obtain a DB2 on Campus certificate after passing the exam. To prepare for the exam, students can attend one of the workshops offered as part of the DB2 on Campus program; they can also read a free online DB2 Express-C book (coming soon!). With this completion certificate, students will feel more confident to add "DB2" in their resumes.

In addition, a system is being developed to deliver this exam. The project name is OSOTS (Open Source Online Testing System), and has been approved as an open source project in Soureforge.net. Members of the DB2 community (from Argentina and Brazil) are working on the analysis and design phase, and we expect their design to be completed by October. The design will then be made available to anyone interested in developing the system. Some will develop it on PHP, others in Java, others in .NET, and so on. Once the system is developed it would be used as well to showcase a DB2 application!. In addition, the students and teachers participating in this project will be invited to write articles about the system and the different implementations. To participate in this (an other) projects, sign up to facebook.com, and take a look at this entry:


The DB2 Express-C team will be feeding the system with questions, but in the future, this project may be extended so the system generates the questions by itself... but let's do this one step at a time!

Cheers! Raul.

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