Monday, May 02, 2011

DB2 Express-C 9.7.4 released!

DB2 Express-C 9.7.4 is now available for download. It is a full refresh of the free edition of the DB2 database server.

Improvements include:
  • An up to 37% lighter download footprint on Windows and Linux
  • Ability to store string match patterns for LIKE conditions in database columns
  • Faster indexing and more powerful searches using DB2 Text Search
  • Compound triggers for UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE
Download it now!

It's interesting to note that DB2 Express-C 9.7.4 came out on the cloud first and as a traditional download second. The cloud image template for Rightscale/Amazon EC2 has been available since past Friday.


  1. Any hope for an OS X refresh?

  2. @MattK: Unfortunately, I can't promise a Mac OS X refresh at this time.

  3. I can't promise one at this time, unfortunately.