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There are many terms in cyber world that is widely used by IT professionals and developers in everyday life and work, but for people who are not very tech savvy or are new to cyber world and IT technologies, these terms can be really hard to understand. But if you are going to work in IT industry or want to do anything related to cyber world, then you need to know basic terms which will be useful to understand most things in this industry.

For this reason, here are 5 most common, basic but highly used words and terms in computing & cyber world.

Cross platform

From IT specialists and software or games developers you will often hear terms like cross platform software or cross platform development, but you will never understand what it means until you know how development of software works. The development of each software, being it an application or a video game, requires a lot of coding and scripting to ensure the software does what it is supposed to do, but the problem is there are a lot of different platforms, hardware and operating systems. Also, there are even more programming & coding languages, for many different purposes. Then there is different software formats & extensions…

All of this creates a big mess, one program can run on one operating system but can’t run on other, it can work on one architecture but can’t work on another… Cross platform development is here to fix it.
When a software or game is developed with cross platform development, the core parts of it are created to work on several operating systems, platforms and architectures. Then the core gets some additional work to fit it to a specific platform or OS such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS… but the core parts are same for all, so developing a version for each platform is way faster, cost effective and easier.

Cryptography & encryption

There can be many uses for cryptography in different industries, but if you want to work in IT industry all you need to know about it is: what is cryptography in computer science and why it is so useful & widely used.

Cryptography is rule to convert normal text, normal data into highly encrypted data that is impossible to read or understand for both: humans and computers. Then this data is converted back to normal data that can be easily read and understand. The decrypting process requires specific algorithms and decrypt keys which are only tools that can decrypt encrypted data.

The technology of cryptography and its algorithms is highly used in modern cyber world as it is a great way to protect data while it is being transferred. An important data is encrypted before transferring, so even if hackers will manage to get the data, they can’t actually understand it or use in any ways. The receiving end has the information needed for a successful decryption.


You must have heard term virtualization if you are in IT industry as it is widely used term and method in modern cyber world.

Virtualization is the development of specific virtual environment that simulates real world machine which is supposed to run the software or game currently in development. A virtual machine is created that virtually has exactly same hardware & software as the target machine has (for example, target machine can be a Windows PC or Android Smartphone), it has exactly same resources and performance. Then the software or game in development is tested on that virtual machine to see how it will perform, if there is any issues or bugs…

Data center

The term explains itself pretty well, however it can be still hard to understand for newbies in cyber world.

A datacenter is a repository for storing managing and processing data that is used for a project. Basically, datacenter is a facility where servers and computers are physically stored and monitored to ensure they work properly and the environment is suitable for proper functionality (Eg. No overheating).

Disaster recovery

It is not just a common term but also a must know term for anyone who is looking to be involved in any projects management or creation. Disaster recovery is a standard for IT specialists and developers, when working on a project, they must ensure that the system will not be down or 100% erased even if some disaster will happen.

Such disasters include everything from natural disasters such as earthquake to cyber diseases such as massive hacking attack. If whole datacenter is taken down, there still should be backups and ways to restore the system.