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In the modern world, digital technologies have taken over and they are one of the biggest parts of the technology. Nowadays, computing platforms are used for numerous purposes, they are core part for creating the most of digital and cyber products.

With so much development of cyber world over the years and so much popularity & attention for computing platforms, anyone who is looking to work in the cyber industry or is simply interested in the cyber world should know what is most common and widely used computing platforms nowadays.

Until we get started with the list, first of all, we need to make it clear what a platform is in the digital & cyber world, how it is used and who needs it.

A platform is a toolset which is used to build, modify, maintain and monitor services and products used in the cyber world. Such a platform can be many things including cloud infrastructures, APIs, user interfaces and everything else that can be used for configuring, developing, building and maintaining products.

Computing platforms are usually used by IT specialists, development agencies, developer groups or single developers. Developers who use such platforms include software developers, game developers, web developers, Software as a Service developer, Platform as Service developers and others.

Now we can explore most common computing platforms and how they are used.

Cloud platform

Cloud computing platforms are one of the most evolving types of computing platforms for the last decade. Nowadays cloud computing is no longer just a future technology but a new way of development and deployment in present times.

Cloud computing platforms are widely used for different purposes by many kinds of users including developers, IT professionals and companies. As it is cost-effective, easy to access, very flexible and very secure platform, its popularity is growing every single day, more and more companies start to use it to store and process large data.

Cloud platforms offer a complete environment for all cloud-based services, full tools for development, management and maintenance of any service that is available digitally.
It is also a common platform for projects that require large data transfers and on-demand resources.

Operating systems

One of the oldest, one of the most common and still one of the most needed platform types is operating systems. Used in all kinds of digital & cyber industries, operating systems are essential tools to host hardware and help apps, games, extensions, services & etc. run smoothly with the hardware.

The operating system is the ultimate platform for the development of apps, games and similar digital goods for smartphones, cell phones, personal computers, and many other gadgets…

To get a better idea of how important an operating system is, we can look at how phone apps are created, the process of their creation and the role of OS in it.

When a developer or development team starts working on a phone app, the first choice they have to make is which OS their app is created for. For the modern days, two of the most popular mobile operating systems are Android and iOS, they own more than 95% of the mobile OS market.
After developers have made their choice of operating system, they need to choose the programming language compatible with the OSand to follow instructions and requirements by the operating system to make sure their end product(app or game) will be 100% compatible with the OS. Without SDK and help from the operating system, developers can’t develop products for it – that’s how important good platform by OS is.

Client & Server platform

Another very old and common type of platform is client & server platform which is mostly used in web world but also quite common for software and apps which require internet for a certain job.

Server platforms are used to receive requests or data from a client’s web browser or app, process it and send back required data. Such platforms are essential for any website, online games, internet-based apps, and software.

Hardware platform

The hardware platform is essential for most of the products that are available in the digital world as hardware is the backend machine that handles all. A line of hardware products that are compatible with one another creates a complete hardware platform used by dozens of different kinds of users.
Usually, hardware vendors try their best to maintain backward compatibility as long as possible to ensure each product can be used to effectively replace older.