The Evolution of Mobile Apps

When we are looking at mobile industry, we realize it is one of those industries that was always important but still received a huge boost in one moment. We can even feel the huge difference between old mobile phones industry and new mobile phones industry by looking at its products and their creation. For now, how phone apps are created is slightly different than it was few years ago, now it is much more advanced, more complex and more attention demanding process than it was few years ago.

We can clearly see, there is really a huge difference between old cell phones, new mobile phones and latest smart phones apps, they are on completely different level, used for different purposes.

A bit of history…

When first mobile phone was created by Motorola, there was no any apps for it, it was a simple device that could only call and that was it. Still, it was very innovative technology for that time. We can consider its simple software to be first mobile app ever, but it really is far from what we call apps nowadays.

Fast forward to more recent phones, cell phones, they became gadgets with several features, not only good for calling. Cell phones were able to send SMS messages, play sounds, set alarm… There were few preinstalled apps, part of the software but that still is not apps which people could use effectively.

With the development of new technologies and evolution of mobile industry, we finally got new type of mobile phones – so called feature phones. Feature phones really turned mobile phones into all in one gadgets that could do many basic things and could be used for many different purposes.

Feature phones could do many things: make a call, send a SMS message, set alarm, take pictures, play music, access to internet, upload and download files & data, run games, and most importantly – run mobile applications. That is early stage when real mobile apps were introduced. There were apps for many different purposes, there were browsers, chatting apps, games, productivity apps, file managers, email apps, maps and many more… But still, mobile apps were always there for just too basic functionalities, they were limited in many ways by software and more importantly by hardware.

Mobile industry got its biggest boost with the release of new type of mobile phones – smart phones. Those devices really started to change mobile industry forever and opened doors for new opportunities, turned mobile apps & games industry upside down, give it opportunity to evolve much further.
Smartphones had way more powerful hardware than older feature phones or cell phones, smartphones had much more flexible operating system and more freedom in software.

As smartphones was way better than old feature phones, with more features, many improvements and support for all kinds of advanced apps, they quickly become popular and now, in modern days, almost everyone has a smartphone.

As there is massive number of smartphone users all around the world, as there is powerful hardware used in smartphones and advanced, more flexible operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, smartphone apps market has become very good place for developers to develop apps for it.

With so many developers targeting mobile apps market and so many people using smartphones every single day, many times per day, mobile apps & games industry has seen incredible evolution. Nowadays, there are mobile apps for almost anything, be it work, fun or study. There are millions of apps available for mobile devices, with top ones having more than billion downloads in Android’s Play Store.

Mobile apps nowadays are complete solution, full with all functions and features a PC software or website may have. Now third-party apps downloaded from official stores or external sources can replace preinstalled apps and their functionalities, improve smartphone’s features and add additional ones.

Mobile smartphones have taken over and now people tend to use their smartphone & mobile apps more frequently than they use computers and its software. Mobile gaming has also evolved a lot and now we see many popular PC & console games getting ported on mobile devices what once was too optimistic dream.

What we have now

Now we finally got mobile apps industry with a lot of potential, increasing day by day, giving opportunities to more developers, better mobile apps environment with availability of many really useful apps that turns smartphones into real all in one gadgets, useful for everything including gaming, studying, working and entertainment.

The way how phone apps are created is very different now, finally we have got a lot of capabilities to develop high quality, good looking, feature rich apps that will have great results for users and developers. Now there is no need to limit mobile apps and create “lite” versions of actual service to fit for mobile devices.