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As the world is evolving, the demand for cyber technologies is increasing day by day and to fulfill that demand, new technologies are created frequently. One of such new technology is Cloud Computing which is becoming more and more popular every day and has seen a huge increase in usage for the last few years.

For every professional who works in IT or cyber industry, it is a must know kind of a thing, but even for regular people, it is needed to know what is cloud computing, how you can take advantage of it and use it to make your life easier, important data secure and daily processes faster.

Cloud computing is a connection, network of servers and computers connected with each other in the cloud, working together, sharing resources to accomplish bigger goals and do bigger jobs that a single computer or server can’t do. Unlike local connection of several computers, creating so-called “supercomputer” environment, a cloud computing is way better, easier to maintain, hundred of times more flexible, faster, secure and always available without a lot of downtimes.

The biggest advantage of cloud computing is its flexibility and high data availability, allowing IT specialists to do their job easier, allowing businesses to easily save and process their data, giving the opportunity to scale your projects and resources needed for it in real time, resulting in more cost-effective, secure and super flexible service.

How does Cloud Computing work?

Cloud computing is a term to describe a network of devices connected with the same cloud pool, which is connected to the internet. Each of those devices shares same permissions, sharing their resources with one another, creating a massive computing power that can process, store and transfer huge data sets in little time.

When a new job is inserted in cloud pool, each of connected devices starts to share their resources for the job, starting to process a small piece of the job and share data with other machines in the same pool. At the same time, all these data is securely stored in the cloud, which is connected with the internet and can be used for job receiving and data sending. As cloud computing environments usually contain a massive amount of servers and computers, there is no need for all of them to work on the same job, so each work process is handled by the only needed amount of processing power. For this reason, you don’t have to pay for machines which are in place if needed but were not actually used, that makes it very cost effective.

As cloud computing is a really large network with a massive number of machines available on demand, it can easily process a lot of huge data at the same time and allocate resources for each job as needed. That makes it super flexible, giving you the needed amount of resources any time you need, without the need to have your own hardware and pay for additional machines which you usually don’t need.

As all data is saved in the cloud in real time, not in a single machine, you don’t have to worry about server getting an unexpected crash or erasing data for some unknown reason – all data is backed up by the massive amount of machines and there is no any chance of data loss.

As the cloud is connected with The Biggest Network known as The Internet, you can use your internet connection to access all the data, send new jobs for processing and receive processed data. The data is available 24x7x365.

Who use Cloud Computing

Because of its numerous advantages and no any big disadvantage, cloud computing is used by a lot of brands, companies, development agencies, IT specialists and developers for different needs.
It is used to store and process large data, host online services such as VPN or live image editor, process large & complex calculations…

Many people who want to take their online security to next level are thinking to use Cloud Computing instead of VPN service, but thinking like VPN vs Cloud Computing, which is better is very wrong as both of them are best for their different cases. A VPN is used to hide online activities from ISP and enhance your online privacy& security while Cloud Computing is used to store and process large data in a flexible, cost-effective and secure way. So, you don’t need to use Cloud Computing unless you want to have your own VPN service.