Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Success story: Marketing your skills

I enjoy working with students and giving them advise...that's why I love running the DB2 on Campus program. For a student, the bottom line is to find a good job in a good company; at least, most of them at the undergraduate level have told me that. I've enjoyed working with the students in Resistencia, Argentina. They have shown a lot of enthusiasm, and have worked very hard to grow their DB2 User's Group. In my last visit, I reminded them the power of "Marketing". It is good to be a good student, and get very good marks; however, in my opinion, it is most important to be visible, and let others know you are good at what you do. That's why I'm encouraging students during my visits to blog, write DB2 articles, write DB2 books, post their resumes including DB2 in them, and participate in the DB2 forums. The more visible you are, the best are your chances of getting that great job you are looking for... And I recently proved this is the right approach. Mario Piz, the first student featured in the IBM DB2 Express-C web site was hired as a coop student at a bank in his province. The manager called and hired him after seeing his picture in the IBM site! (Success story!). Mario is a rather quiet student. I'm sure many engineering and computer science students would identify well with Mario's personality. It is important for Mario and all students like him to market their skills and be visible!. It pays off!


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