Sunday, March 11, 2007

DB2 on Campus 2007 - Argentina

This February 2007, I visited universities in Argentina for 2 weeks. This is my sixth visit to this beautiful country, however, it is the first one during the summer time... and it was hot, hot, hot!. From the -10 celsius temperatures in Canada to the 35 celsius in Argentina, I felt both extremes in weather weeks apart. I was told in the city of Resistencia that had I arrived a few days earlier, I would have experienced temperatures close to 49 celsius!.

In my visit this time, I finished the DB2 on Campus program cycle in several universities. For example, at the UTN-Resistencia, and UNNE in Corrientes, I delivered a DB2 speech in early 2006 (my 1st visit), delivered DB2 courses by mid 2006 (2nd visit), and this time I proctored the DB2 certification exam 730. In this occassion, I also visited Buenos Aires, Resistencia, Rosario and Cordoba, and delivered DB2 courses to instructors.

The only unpleasant experience in Argentina is probably flying with the national airline. Their planes are old (making funny sounds)... I have an uneasy feeling every time I board one of their planes. This time I was also unfortunate to have all my flights delayed from 2 to 10 hours because the radar at the airport was not working. Many people were frustrated... In my case, I'm used to this type of things; and as long as I have a laptop with me (and Internet connection), I'm happy and productive. In fact, many of the articles I've written were at airports or on planes, that's why I always double check I carry enough batteries for my Thinkpad.

This has been another successful visit to Argentina. I've come often to this country because the local IBM organizer, Fernando Gomez, is keen to schedule many visits. I will support most the people with most interest in the program... so if you are interested, ensure to push your local IBM representative to work scheduling visits to your school!. If you don't know where to start, send a note to with your concerns.

Cheers, Raul.

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