Sunday, May 21, 2006

Winds of change

I am pleased to announce that DB2 Express - C team is now a part of the DB2 Technical Marketing team. What does this mean? Well, many things will stay the same. Raul, Ian and Ryan will still be blogging here and will continue to facilitate discussion on the DB2 Express - C forum.
You will also notice some changes. DB2 Technical Marketing is a team of product evangelists. Our job is not just teach people how to use DB2 products but to, what I call, demonstrate the art of the possible.
With data servers becoming a mature technology that firmly implanted in the application infrastructure, databases don't get the recognition they deserve. We plan to bring the "cool factor" back to data servers. We have the technology to make this happen. DB2 Viper is changing the landscape of database technology by becoming a hybrid Relational-XML data store. We also have richer Web Services support, RSS, Atom, PHP, Ruby on Rails and other Web 2.0 must-haves. Our focus will be to spread the message and to demonstrate how DB2 servers can deliver value beyond providing a simple data repository.
Oh, and as you may have guessed already, I manage the DB2 Technical Marketing team. My name is Leon Katsnelson and you will be seeing me around here quite a bit.

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  1. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Hi Leon,

    I am a huge fan of DB2, been using it for almost 20 years in institutional/commercial environments. I have recently started helping a friend develop a web app that he hopes will be successful (the ideal target for express-c). He started with PostgreSQL. His app (like almost all web apps), has to be time zone aware. I have spoken to him about converting to express-c, and he is receptive if DB2 contains all the functionality his app needs. I was very surprised to discover that DB2’s support for time zone leaves much to be desired compared to PostgreSQL. I originally mentioned this to Peter Kohlmann @ IBM and he passed it along to Serge Rielau. Serge did not rank the possibility of bolstering DB2 time zone support very high against other (undisclosed) items in the backlog. I was hoping, given your apparent developer focus, you could see the benefit differently than Serge and possibly raise the profile if this issue.

    - chris


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