Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Viper Test Drive of DB2 Express C is now available!

This is kind of exciting, my first post in our team blog and I get to announce some big news!

Viper Test Drive of DB2 Express C is now available for free download!

This is the next version of DB2, and delivers some exciting new function, particularly in the XML world ... just for a little taste of some of the cool new XML function, you can now store XML natively using the new XML data type, or you can store your data in the traditional relational format ... a true hybrid data store! You can work with this XML data using XQuery ... finally a standard!

I won't go on and list all the exciting stuff in this new release, go check it out yourself and download a free copy at http://www.ibm.com/db2/express ! For full details about the Viper Test Drive, check out http://www.ibm.com/db2/viper .

Ryan Chase
DB2 Express Community Team

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