Thursday, March 02, 2006

Let's get this party started!

Hello to one and all,

I've taken it upon myself to put up our team's first blog posting, and to tell you a little about our team, and what we hope to do here.

The DB2 Express-C product is IBM's Information Management foray into releasing a freely distributable, freely downloadable version of the industry leading DB2 database program. The three of us who'll be posting here are the members of a new team leading the efforts to develop and nuture the development community around this new product. Our names are Ryan Chase, Raul Chong, and me, Ian Hakes (conveniently, my name comes last both grammatically and alphabetically).

What we're looking to do in this blog is to provide a bit of an informal means of keeping you informed about the news, events and highlights of the DB2 Express-C community. Eventually, we'll tack on an RSS feed, so your aggregator can keep you informed about the latest and greatest.

Don't forget to visit our home page, or our downloads page, or visit the developerWorks hosted support forum if you have any questions (links are available over there on your right hand side). Or, if you feel like just posting a comment here to one of our blog posts, by all means go ahead, though be advised that we won't be answering any support or product release questions in this space. You'll have to go to the more official channels for that.

Thanks for visiting, and we're all looking forward to a long and prosperous trip with every one of you out there!

Cheers for now.


  1. Ok, now that we know which version to download and install - How 'bout a sample app from start to finish. Show us how to create a database, and a couple of tables, users, security policies, etc, etc? Most of us never get to do that kind of stuff!

  2. Michael -- definitely a good idea. Do you have any sample application suggestions (language, etc.)?

    You can take a look at a PHP & DB2 application development paper here:


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